The change of the disciples
The day the disciples received the strength from the high led to their fullness the change in their hearts.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

It was not enough to have been with Christ for so many months. The disciples had seen their miracles, heard their teachings, glimpsed their greatness. But something was missing...

Because Despite the years of coexistence, the disciples fled when the time came when their Master was arrested. They abandoned Him as if all that was seen and heard had not come to the bottom of their hearts.

The change in depth came only after two decisive events. One was the surprising, unexpected, fact of the Resurrection. Another was the arrival, the day of Pentecost, of the Holy Spirit.

Because the scandal of the cross and the complete humiliation of Jesus before the men was only cured when the empty tomb and the apparitions opened their eyes to the definitive triumph of the real Passover. 

Christ alive, in greeting the disciples, unveiled a New horizon, produced a radical transformation. But we still had to wait, for the change to be complete, to the second event: the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

The Day when the disciples received the strength from the high led to their fullness the change in their minds, in their hearts, and in their way of life. 

Those who had fled before, now begin to shout the Gospel. Those who sought the first places have understood that only when the grain of wheat dies begins to bear fruit (cf. Jn 12.24).

Easter and Pentecost became, since then, the beginning of something new. As also in our time these two events act in each Sacrament and vivify the whole existence of the Church. 

In the path of our Catholic faith, we look with hope at those two great moments in our history. Today also Christ is still alive, Lord of history and Savior of the world. Today also the Holy Spirit acts in our hearts, allows us to be children and call our Father God "Abba" (cf. Gal 4.6-7).

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