Affordable dialogue
What kind of dialogues are we?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Some dialogue from a domain watchtower. They Show little appreciation to what others say, reflect a strange complex of superiority, seem dogmatic looking to impose. 

Others, in changes, are affordable dialogues: they enter into the conversation with respect, with listening attitudes, with a way of welcoming others that facilitates dialogue and that allows them to give and receive serenely every reasoning.

To meet the first type of people causes uneasiness because it is extremely difficult to maintain serenity before those who give signs of a presumption of wisdom that crushes. 

Instead, meeting the second type of people gives peace. Perhaps the opinions are different, even one can be very wrong. But the simplicity and courtesy of the other greatly facilitate the development of the conversation.

If we clearly distinguish between these two types of dialogue, we can ask ourselves whether we are closer to the first or the second. Perhaps in some subjects, we take the attitude of the presumed sage who is imposed and in others the one who is available to learn.

What matters is learning to welcome others, even if they have mistakes, with the respect that builds bridges and brings hearts closer together. Because that is the most fruitful way for vehicularly certain truths and to point out mistakes that have to be overcome.

Start a new discussion. The views are the opposite. If there are goodwill and polite ways of listening and speaking, it will be possible to move slowly towards new perspectives that allow us to make closer that goal that we all crave: to know better truths about man, about the world, and about God.

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