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Noticing implies having a sensitive, open, attentive heart.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:


Noticing implies having a sensitive, open, attentive heart. A heart that captures details, perceives needs, recognizes situations. 

Realize is possible when we break the circle of selfishness that leads to focus almost everything on our plans and desires.

Then people and things acquire a new dimension. The mind and the heart are open to what happens near or far. 

We discovered then that a relative has a face more concerned than usual, and we are interested in what happens to him. 

We perceive how on the train someone carries a heavy lump and we are attentive to help you if the occasion arises.

We see the driver of another car as a human being who is urgent and deserves someone to give way. 

We look at a poor man like a brother who needs material help but, more specifically, a smile and a time of dialogue. 

It is wonderful to live with open and affectionate attitudes, thanks to which we realize things that were almost unnoticed before.

If we live like this, we can also realize that God has a thousand details of affection with us and hopes that we will say a simple and easy word: thank you...

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