When we have only God left
​The man is on the threshold of suffering. God, on the other hand, can give a decisive answer.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Trouble, sickness, disappointment, abandonment. There Are times when we don't know who to go to anymore. We Feel strange loneliness. 

There's No shortage of someone to join us. But few, perhaps none, can offer what we need so much at that particular moment.

That's when we realize that we only have God left. Men remain on the threshold of certain sufferings and doubts. God, on the other hand, can give a decisive answer. 

I know: God is not only the last table of salvation, nor the last phone number to ask for help. It is much more, because everything, absolutely everything, exists thanks to him.

But in those moments I need to remember, as I do not in so many other situations, that outside of God no one can cure man before these two great evils: sin and death.

Christ came into the world to overcome those defeats that seem definitive. With his humility, with his patience, with his miracles, with his words, he showed where the true hope lies. 

Yes: We have a Father in heaven who has sent his son and given us the Holy Spirit. That is why access to hope is open to all, we can all receive decisive help.

From the comfort that God offers, from the grace that heals and strengthens, from the words of the Gospel, from the Bread of the Eucharist, I return to experience the tenderness and decisive relief. 

I've already found what I needed most. The Sky is open. The Cross is also my hope. The Sepulchre is empty. 

The son of the Father and member of the Church, I know that I am in the best hands and that I can rest, safe and comfortable, as a child with his mother.

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