When the disease opens the heart
Let´s open the heart to the sufferings of others.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

When a disease comes to life itself, the results can be very varied. Some grieve, or who are distressed, or who change their pace, or who faces stoically, or who offers it for others. 

Among the effects, which depend on the reactions of each one, there is one that has great value: to awaken the sensibility to perceive in a new way, solidarity, close, the disease of others.

There Are times when weeks and months Are normal. Health shines. The forces are at hand. There Are plans, actions, results. Everything's going on wheels. 

But that normality, if we are not attentive, can dry the sensitivity to the point of not giving due importance (sometimes not even perceived) to what happens around us, especially in so many people who suffer in his body and soul.

Therefore, when you get to yourself the brake of a fever, sore throat, annoying cough, eye damage, inability to concentrate, helplessness, problems at mealtime, the heart can open to the sufferings of others that until now seemed almost negligible.

From the disease, we give a little account of what it feels who continually visits doctors and hospitals, who depend on medicines, who feel chronic fatigue, who is incapacitated by irreversible physical damage, who suffers because of fears Lasting psychics. 

These days of bed, or pains, or visits to physicians, can fluff the heart and allow us to enter the incomprehensible world of human suffering. Then there will be greater sensitivity to perceive what happens in others.

With the forces that remain at our disposal, there will also be a sincere desire to alleviate the pain of others, as Good Samaritans. We will ask God for them, and seek to share our time and heart by being next to so many people who live, every day, those human experiences of sickness and suffering.

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