Between the origin and a goal
Where do we come from and where do we go?

One of the greatest challenges of all time has been, as it is now, to know what man is. In the search for the answer, two dimensions cannot be forgotten: our origin and our goal.

Humanity as a whole and every man, in particular, has an origin. There will be those who think that everything started thanks to a series of coincidences. Others will say that a ferrous and invincible determinism explains the origin of each one. For believers, God is the complete explanation of our existence: we were born because we were loved by a supreme Being, a good father.

The diversity of theories about the origin of the human species influences, directly or indirectly, at the time of understanding the origin of each one, my beginning. If humanity arises from chance, also my existence would be casual. My parents would have found themselves lucky, they fell in love without having clear ideas, and one day they engendered me.

Instead, if humanity arises from a creator god and father, who seeks good and who "engages" in each of his creatures, also my existence acquires a particular value: I exist because, in the heart of God, I became the object of his love and Providence.

The different theories about the origin influence in a more or less direct way when formulating the question on the goal, on the end which waits for the whole humanity and each one in particular.

If we are born by accidental changes and by blind forces, the end will come according to those same "natural laws". Certainly, some evolutionists will say, the human being has such a brain that allows him to plan and strive to control his future. But in the end, his ultimate destiny will be the same as that of other living beings: the death and reintroduction of some of its parts in the cycle of the nutrition of other living.

But if we were born from a direct act of God, and with a spiritual soul that does not end with time, the goal has to be, necessarily, eternal. God's love for a spiritual being never ends. That is why every man, every woman, is called to exist beyond the barrier of death.

The ethical proposals are placed in this great vision of the origin and the goal. From an evolutionary vision of materialistic type, one or several ethics will emerge according to the accent that is put to the "casual" or "necessary" results that the evolution has left in the man if it is not concluded that it would be impossible ethics if the man arises by Coincidence.

The vision that God creates in a personalized way implies an ethical vision that is directly related to the creator, with what he desires of the men in general and each one in particular. An ethic that also looks at relationships with other human beings and with the Earth as a home we share while we are on our way to the eternal goal.

Human life passes, with greater or lesser speed, between an origin and a goal. That is why we need to stop and formulate, like so many men and women of our planet, a thousand times repeated and always new questions: Where do we come from and where do we go?

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