They got married and were happy
Can we overcome the crisis of the family institution?

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In real life after the wedding is when the real problems and difficulties begin.

"They got married and were happy" was the phrase that, years ago, ended novels and films. It was assumed that after overcoming problems and difficulties to reach the wedding, once celebrated, happiness occurred automatically. Nothing more false: in real life after the wedding is when the real problems and difficulties begin.

Couples with a long-term project of life and family, reviewable and updatable, will be able to overcome difficulties and live their love to the full, but if there is no other project that "have a good time" failure will be inevitable.

Marriages are increasingly divorced and couples who live together without formalizing their union, nor are they known. Going to "live together without papers", even if they say they don't need them, I think in many cases what they think is that this will make it easier for them to break up and establish a new union.

Sexual activity is getting easier. There is a persistent incitement to enjoy a promiscuous sexuality without responsibilities, thanks to the means of contraception. People have been convinced that sex can be enjoyed, without fear of pregnancy, but the figure of more than one hundred thousand abortions a year warns us that this irresponsible enjoyment has serious consequences for women and of course for children eliminated when they grow they were in the womb of their parents (I resist calling mothers who kill their children in gestation).

The demographic data published by the INE tell us that the nuptiality rate decreases and that marriages are contracted and the first child reaches ages over thirty years, since everything is delayed in order to "enjoy life" and few Sometimes we look for others to arrive. The birth rate has also fallen to the point that generational replacement is impossible, while life expectancy increases well above eighty years. There is a growing aging of the population that will make the social security system unsustainable.

Seeing a marriage with a few young children seems kind of weird to us. Children for many people are nothing more than a burden. The expression of a desired or unwanted child has become widespread. The unwanted will be considered as a burden and in the worst case they will be eliminated by abortion. Pregnancy that can spoil our vacation, trip or ascent, is not accepted or only reluctantly.

We are constantly talking about the economic crisis, to which we have been brought by the greed, corruption and foolish policies of the rulers. weakened.

Marriage is the foundation of the family. Only the solid union of a man and a woman, capable of making a project of life in common, based on mutual love, fidelity, stability and open to life, can create a family community, where everyone is loved accepted as a unique and unrepeatable person , where everyone actively seeks the good of others.

Surely we expect politicians to get us out of the economic crisis, but from the family crisis we will have to get out. If we don't, our society has a troubled future.


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