Democracy and justice
What is the relationship between democracy and justice?

The title was going to be "democracy or justice," but it could lead to misunderstandings. The point is simple: what is the relationship between democracy and justice?

To respond, the gaze has to be lengthened and faced with a previous question: what is the relationship between any political system and justice?

The answer is articulated on two levels. First: In the same system. Secondly, those who assume the responsibility of being a ruler according to the proposed goals.

There are political systems that are damaged in the same structure. That is, there are forms of government and participation that are born death wounds because they imply discriminations, exclusions, marginalization of groups, suppression of basic rights of human beings.

That is why we can talk about intrinsically unfair political systems, that is, systems that from laws and structures promote and maintain situations of more or less serious harm towards people. As there are more just political systems, aimed at serving people and achieving real improvements in social life.

The second level refers to the rulers. A structurally unfair system may have rulers seeking to alleviate harm, to promote some good among people despite the laws. At the same time, a structurally fair (or less unfair) system can have corrupt, cowardly, ambitious, arrogant rulers that cause enormous harm to people and groups.

Ideal (it is good not to leave ideals at the time of living) would be to find a system with a healthy structure and good rulers.

Let us return to the two words of the beginning: Democracy and justice. Is democracy a good system? And who is elected, according to complex electoral laws that provoke huge arguments, do they have a level of honesty and a love of justice enough to promote the good of society?

If we do not face these questions, it does not make much sense to praise those who promote the consolidation of democracy if we have not before analyzed whether this supposedly democratic system is fair and whether those who govern are prepared and have an ethical attitude Enough for the responsibilities they assume to those who expect bread, work, security, and greater respect for the fundamental rights of all.

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