US: Young Hispanics defend life and family against abortion, says, pro-life leader
For Latinos, nothing is more sacred than our families, our children, and our faith

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie, a member of The Catholic Association (TCA), highlighted the great participation of Hispanic youth in the recent "March for Life" held in the United States, and stressed that "for Latinos, nothing is more sacred than our families, our children, and our faith."

Pozo Christie assured that the young Hispanics who participated on January 26 at the pro-life demonstration in Washington, D.C. along with nearly 650,000 people, "know what they learned in their homes and their churches: every human being is valuable and unique".

"They learned it by seeing their parents tenderly care for their elderly grandparents. They also learned it by seeing that beautiful family joy, when it is announced that there is a little brother, sober or cousin on the way", she said. For Latino families, she stressed, "it doesn't matter if the little boy is unexpected. We're going to love him very much because that's who we are".

The pro-life leader attended the march with her two eldest sons and some friends of these.

"We spoke Spanish with a group of Honduran friends, and we crossed paths with some well-known Puerto Ricans, who carried the flag of their island aloft. We saw flags from many parishes declaring their respect for life in Spanish," she recalled.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie said it caught her eye "that the march was mostly made up of young people. There were a lot of college students, and thousands and thousands of high school students".

For Christie, democratic party members, who think they have the Latino vote in their pocket, don't have the same values, on these issues, as we do."

"They support abortion for any reason, during nine months of pregnancy. They support abortion even in the case of 13-year-old girls, without the consent of their parents," she said.

Pozo Christie also criticized the government wanting to fund these abortions "with our taxes".

"They don't plan to respect the employers' right of conscience around the contraception and the next day's pill," she said.

The worst thing, she remarked, is that "children in minority groups are being aborted in a proportion to more than twice as many Anglo-Saxon children".

"Most abortion centers are located in neighborhoods inhabited by Hispanics," she said.

Pozo Christie noted that "Hispanic radio and television are full of advertisements and commercials promoting abortion".

"Abortion of Hispanic babies is not only very lucrative but is being used by racist people as a means to eliminate our people," she warned.

The pro-life leader noted that "of the 3,000 babies who are aborted daily in the United States, 650 are Hispanic.

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