Times to improve as people
The goodness of our present seems nothing solid. State-providence, the welfare state, is falling apart.

When I show my perplexity or displeasure at the usual attitudes and behaviors of the people around me, I am answered with the phrase: "These are other times", which seems to justify everything.

All times were "other" compared to the previous and the following. Jorge Manrique wrote in the fifteenth century that in our opinion any time spent was better, but for quite some time what it is about instilling is that any time spent was worse, all darkness, repression, sadness, and hunger until with the transition and democracy in Spain is dawning again.

I've lived those times and these, and I don't think everything happened was bad and everything present is good. The goodness of our present seems nothing solid. The state-providence, the welfare state, is falling apart. I think that our future will be very different from our present and that we should think about the future we want.

In La Verbena de la Paloma there was a "today the sciences advance that it is a barbarity". We are all glad of the advances in science and technology that have made many things easier for us in our daily lives, but the appliances, the means of transport, the computers and the thousand and one electronic pots that we use do not make us better people.

The times will be better if each of us can fully deploy our talents, our abilities, but this requires effort, education of the will, self-control, constant search for all that is beautiful, good and true.

It does not seem to me that these latter times are characterized by driving the new generations towards responsibility, excellence, sustained effort. On the contrary, the values that have been instilled, and that are not such, are hedonism, which seeks to enjoy everything with minimal effort, consumerism, which tells us that you need everything to be something, relativism, which exempts us from seeking truth and hyperinflation of new rights, inspired by gender ideology and feminism, that is stripping us of our own identity as people.

We have been widely manipulated and deceived. The citizenship education subject has been an attempt at social engineering to manipulate new generations into sexuality without responsibility, a tolerance in which nothing is good or bad, a defense of the planet of warming or overcrowding, which justifies abortion and then euthanasia and above all to stigmatize and nullify the presence of religion.

The times that begin today will also be other times. What do we want them to be like? They will be better if we decide to improve ourselves and they will be worse if we continue to let ourselves be manipulated if we continue to claim rights without assuming duties, if we passively expect the state, Europe, the UN or some charismatic leader to save us. The only possible salvation is that offered by God in Jesus: seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything else will be given to you as an add-on.

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