The ultimate question: is there God?
The great choice of Christianity is the choice for rationality and for the priority of reason

God exists or doesn't exist. The alternative is before us. We can avoid it, we can ignore it, we can even say that it is a matter without a solution. But the mind returns to both options: one is true, and one is false.

Benedict XVI explained this alternative to a group of young people with the following words: "God either exists or does not exist. There are only two options. Either the priority of reason is recognized, of the Creative Reason that is at the origin of everything and is the principle of everything - the priority of reason is also a priority of freedom - or the priority of the irrational is sustained, so that everything that works in our land and our lives it would be only occasional, marginal an irrational product; reason would be a product of irrationality" (Meeting of Benedict XVI with the youth of Rome and Lazio, 6 April 2006).

For the Pope, denying the existence of God leads to admitting the priority of the irrational. If there were no God, the world, the life, the human being, would simply be the result of a chance. Our very reason, the capacity to love, the commitment to justice, the desire for truth, would have been caused by the irrational, by chaos, by nonsense.

On the other hand, to admit that at the origin of everything there is a "Creative Reason" that opens us to recognize the existence of God. If there is God, the world has a meaning, life is born from the loving choice of an omnipotent and good Being. Then, every human being begins to exist because he is loved for himself and destined to encounter, eternal, with his Creator and Father.

What option do we take? Do we admit God and rationality, or do we deny it and assume that the irrational explains everything? And if we nod to the second option, isn't it strange that a world with so many laws big and small has its origin in the lack of rationality? Do these human capacities which have achieved admirable conquests in the field of natural sciences, art and philosophy seem incompatible with irrationality? It is not easy to "test", explained Benedict XVI at the aforementioned Meeting, which of the two alternatives is the most convincing. For Christianity, the answer is clear: "The great choice of Christianity is the choice for rationality and the priority of reason. This option seems to be the best because it shows us that behind everything there is a great Intelligence, which we can trust".

Is there or does there not exist? If there is God, there is someone "behind", "in front" and "on the side" of the world. From the recognition of God, human life, with all its vicissitudes and adventures, with its failures and its successes, manifests its full meaning, as it turns to an eternal encounter with the God who created heaven and earth.

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