Sensible Voices
It brings joy to meet people who say: Christ has risen

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

When empty words dominate the media.

When friends and acquaintances repeat over and over again the usual clichés.

When articles and books overflow with lies and mistakes constantly.

When among the intellectuals there is fear of saying the obvious for fear of very powerful lobbies.

When the media declares as a "phobia” certain beliefs.

When political, intellectual, social, scientific leaders, live enslaved by statistics and are ruled by the majority way of thinking.

When you live in a world like this, it gives an immense joy to meet people who speak without fear, from a serene and open reason. These types of people offer sensible voices amidst a deafening murmur of lies and manipulations. Because they speak without fear, they are not afraid of thinking by themselves, and are not imprisoned by fashion.

Millions of people might begin to see things differently if they'd listen those sensible voices. If they open their hearts to rid themselves of so many worldly enchantments, they may find friendly hands that can help them out of the darkness.

Today, as in every human generation, we need voices of friends who shout at us and help us wake up and let ourselves be enlightened by the truth and life: Jesus Christ.

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