Man, and the battle
Never again the war!

In every battle, hundreds or thousands of men fight with their eyes set on victory. A victory that involves the defeat of "the others". The desired victory, even supposed, but sometimes difficult, arduous, insecure.

The analyses and options of generals and bosses are crucial. Success in the preparations, a careful look at the maps and the weather, an intuition about the movements of the enemy: everything has its importance.

But every soldier is also important. With greater or lesser preparation, with encouragement or unwillingness, with courage or fear: the battalion needs and counts with what it and the other feel, fear, think, doubt, dream.

Behind bosses and soldiers, there are hundreds of lives waiting for a positive outcome. Relatives, friends, and acquaintances ask about the outcome. If it's victory, they'll sing, albeit with doubt about the fate of the loved one: there are victories tinged with sadness by a very high number of casualties "among our own". If it is defeat, in addition to the anguish for the fallen, fear arises: what will happen now?

Human history is tinged with battles. Some absurdities, such as those that sowed dead trenches in which they struggled to advance just a few meters. Other "glorious," if there may be glory in that stroke of wit from a general who knew how to surprise the enemy and lead to his annihilation, while so many homes received the tragic news of the death of their loved ones.

Why history is blurred by so many wars? Isn´t there a capacity for dialogue in humans? Can't we settle the disputes sitting behind a table and a piece of bread? It seems difficult to give answers, especially because in many hearts nest, unfortunately, hatreds and violence that have tinged with pain and injustice fields and seas of a world that could be more beautiful and better.

While we remember, on so many anniversaries, monuments, books and films, those battles that are embedded in the lives of the peoples, a yearning for peace and harmony arise. The cry of the popes, "Never again the war!" also springs today in Europe and Africa, in America and Asia, in Oceania and every corner of our world that, we hope, will come to the path of that peace that comes when we welcome God, we open ourselves to the "different", and we begin to forgive and ask forgiveness...

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