Every human being is much bigger than his mistakes.

The mistake was manifest. Besides, it was in writing. A man had become a perfect target for other people's arrows: it was simply a question of remembering the wanderer, again and again, his incompetence and futility. How dare you continue in the debate after such an obvious failure?

The hammering reached the heart of the wanderer. It's annoying, when arguing, to be reminded of one's failures. Doesn't everyone make mistakes? Is it that a slip leaving a person so marked that he disqualifies her entirely in the following discussions?

There are people who have an unkind ability to encapsulate others in their mistakes. In Internet forums and similar pages, it is easy to find who over and over again makes this or that stumbles, to leave it out of place.

Every human being, however, is much larger than his mistakes. Let yourself be fossilized by those who enjoy at the cost of remembering others their failures implies a defeat that partly originates in the lover of hammering, but partly in a certain apocalypse of those who are criticized when it is not worth sinking before those who remember others the errors from his past.

Therefore, in the face of those who hammer their neighbors with the litany of memories of the mistakes of the past, it is beautiful to find men and women who look beyond those mistakes and give a new opportunity to those who had a slip in their lives.
Above all, it is beautiful to see that God continues to offer us, in every minute of our existence, new occasions for change.
Because if there is anyone who knows our mistakes and sins, it is precisely God. If He, who has enough reason to drive us away from his presence, does not reproach us for our sins or holds perpetual grudge (cf. Ps 103:9-10), then we can accept his forgiveness to begin a new path, with a certainty: with God, it is always possible to change towards the well, truth, and justice.

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