When Evil is Well-Dressed
Only when the heart is willing to respect justice will it be possible to move towards a better world

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

There are those who commit crimes protected in good ideals, in valuable words, in desirable goals. 

In the name of justice, for example, crimes have been committed against thousands of innocent people, without trial, without defense, without mercy. 

in the name of freedom some have persecuted and executed people simply by thinking otherwise or by not contending with the projects of the majority.

In the name of health there have been doctors who collaborated in inhuman experiments on prisoners of war, on elders, even on children. 

In the name of God, it has been possible to persecute the members of other religions, or have come to assassinate those who abandoned the beliefs of the past.

The list can be a lot longer. It reflects one of the direst human paradoxes: to clothe evil with good clothing, to justify crime under good ideals. 

For this reason, before taking actions aimed at obtaining rights, goods, real progress, we must ask ourselves for the morality of the chosen path.

Because ethics not only indicates which are the good goals that human beings can pursue, but also what are the just means that can be used. 

The Machiavellianism of yesterday and today believes that a good ideal is enough to act with any means, even the most perverse that human wickedness can imagine. 

But that implies harming the victims, destroying the conscience of the executioners and, in the end, not getting healthy a goal that at the beginning was good.

The good, the ancients taught it, covers everything: ends, means, intentions. Only when the heart is willing to respect justice and exclude any harmful means will it be possible to move towards a better and more beautiful world.



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