Christian Conversion and Message
The voice of Christ that invites us to convert

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Conversion is a beautiful, sometimes difficult experience, which deeply changes hearts. 

Costs conversion when one looks at his own forces, when he fears the reactions of others, when he still feels the allure of evil. 

But conversion seems possible when we let ourselves look for God, when we allow the blood of Christ to erase our sins.

Also today resonates the voice of Christ who invites us to conversion: "Time has been fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is near; Convert and believe in the Gospel "(Mc 1.15). 

In the nucleus of the Christian message, the conversion shines with special intensity. It is about moving away from the darkness to begin to live in the Light, which is Christ (cf. Jn 1 and all the symbolism of the Easter Vigil).

"The Night is advanced. The day is looming. Let us, therefore, of the works of Darkness to reenjoy in the Arms of Light "(Rm 13.12 13). 

The "Catechism of the Catholic Church" speaks of the conversion in many places. Among them, we can highlight one that speaks of the constant preaching of the Church:

"Christ, after his resurrection, sent his apostles to preach in his name the conversion for forgiveness of sins to all Nations (LK 24.47). This Ministry of Reconciliation (2Co 5.18), the apostles and their successors were not fulfilled by announcing only to the men the forgiveness of God deserved for us by Christ and calling them to conversion and to faith, but also by communicating to them the remission of sins by baptism and reconciling with God and with the church thanks to the power of the keys received from Christ "(" Catechism of the Catholic Church ", N. 981).

The call of the Good Shepherd comes to every human generation and invites us to the most radical and decisive change: to leave sin to begin to live in the Lord. 

That's the message of Jesus. That is the teaching of the church. That is the reality that is celebrated and lived in each one of the sacraments, especially in baptism ("for the Remission of sins") and in penance.

Today, in the intimacy of our souls, the voice of Christ that invites us to conversion resonates. If we open our hearts, we will break with sin and enter into the wonderful world of true love.

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