Purity and sexuality: For women who really want to be loved
For women who really want to be loved, I invite you to read this wonderful book, in which I found answers and arguments to recover my longings and my dreams.

Source: A.U., 19, Peru.

They say every princess's dream is to find her Prince Charming. That's how they told us about girls, isn't it? I always wondered if I could be that princess who, at the end of the story, received the kiss of her Prince Charming, the one who tells me: I love you, and I love you because I want this to last forever. But when I woke up and see the reality in which we live, my desire to dream had disappeared, and my conclusion was that this princess did not exist.

In this world that is perverted every day and which pulls you hard to be part of the current, I found, thanks to a gift, the door I discovered long ago: it is the book entitled Purity and Sexuality, by P. Jargen Daum. As I read this book almost without stalling, I said to myself: Someone, at last, has confirmed my yearnings as a child and my yearnings as a woman!

That love does exist and you are made for this love because it is possible to find it. I believe in love, that we come from love, that we are made to love.

Love is forever, and if it changes, it's not loving, I knew it! That dream love can exist. That deep, strong, solid, faithful, growing and mature love, within this selfish world, can exist! But where does it exist? How can I find it?

Turns out that chastity is the virtue that purifies the human love of selfishness. It protects authentic love and educates men to see the woman's heart. It's a workout: it prepares you to be faithful to your future husband.
But, as in any fairytale story, there are always those obstacles that can rip out our hopes. This book speaks clearly to us and warns us of these bad choices, of those little things that take us away from what we want, to be loved, and ultimately only lead us to loneliness.

In this book, we are reminded that our vocation is love, and if we do not teach love, we won´t have it in our lives. We must grow it in ourselves and teach others how to grow it. Today's young people need us to be those princesses with lofty ideals who educate them to be those blue princes we crave, for example, saying no to their unexpected and hasty proposals, those who will finally steal our dreams: A man needs those not to become a man.

I invite you to read this wonderful book, in which I found answers and arguments to recover my longings and my dreams. In it, I also found the option to go against the current and a hand that supports me in my decision. Let's be not only princesses but Queens, who have the power to protect and be the best example for others because, as Crystalina says:

Women have the power, we can invite a man to be a knight or to be an animal.

We have the power to take care of our hearts and change hearts!

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