Have You Ever Thought About Your Eventual Death?
If God called you to his presence today, would you be prepared?

Author: Mónica Muñoz Jiménez | Source:

If God called you to his presence today, would you be prepared? This question is not only for Catholics and for Christians in general, even those who do not profess any religion or who manifest themselves, as atheists should, from time to time, reflect on their own death, because, undeniably, we will all die.

This thought comes to mind because in recent months I have had to accompany several friends who have lost one of their parents. I cannot describe the feeling of sadness that invades them because it is something that only they have experienced, by the grace of God, I still have my parents and I do not stop living grateful to the Lord for this joy, but I also know that every day that it happens the dreaded farewell is closer.

I think that is a fear that all human beings experience, the fear of saying goodbye to our relatives and loved ones, because we are not prepare for that moment. In fact, nobody can be, not even those who live with a patient, because they have the illusion that he will recover his health and return to his daily activities.

Therefore, it is more difficult to accept the departure of someone who dies unexpectedly. It is very natural. Only those who do not love their people can see them die without feelings. I thought that one day that, by chance, I ran into a man who told me that he saw death as something normal, a fact that we all had to reach, after all, because we are all ephemeral and we are passing through this world. Therefore, he said, when one of his brothers had died, he had not cried, claiming that he was like that, that he was not dramatizing too much, because we all go there.

I confess that my first impression was not positive, so what is this man made of? I asked myself, how is it possible that I see a situation as cold as watching someone die of his own blood? Nevertheless, thinking about it, I was not so wrong. Before death, one must know how to part with the person who has completed his mission in that world and surrender it to God with generosity, because it belongs to Him and only that life belongs to him.

That is why the sin of homicide is so serious, since no one has the right to deprive a fellow man of existence. From the moment that person has been conceived in the womb, he is already a life, a complete human being who only needs to grow and is the property of God, only He has the right to decide on him.

Nothing easy to understand this immense truth with the current mentality that everything is disposable, even relationships and even people, because relativism tells us that it depends on the glass with which you look: if we do not get along, we divorce, by that's better to try before we get married. Remover relationships: “I don't like that anymore; take it off to put this one on”. Therefore, with everything, which nothing we started has a happy conclusion because we do not like to suffer.

However, everything worthwhile brings suffering. If you want to spend the year with good grades, you have to study hard, if you want to earn money, you have to work and meet a schedule, if you want to start a business, you have to get up early and put a lot of effort to be successful, if you want to travel, you have to save and plan purchases so as not to fall into superfluous expenses and avoid borrowing, if you want a person, you have to respect it and give it its place because it is a valuable and worthy human being and not a toy to satisfy low wishes everything, then, implies a dose of effort, dedication, responsibility and sacrifice, but it will be worth it, so, the day we have to give accounts to the Lord, we can tell you that life was not easy but that we worked hard to make it good, so as not to hurt our fellow men, to leave a mark by giving a good example to those who came behind us, who have taken advantage of it as if it were the last day.

Moreover, it is healthy to remember it constantly, because nobody knows the day and time of his departure. Therefore, let us live in peace, love our family, let go of grudges, be kind and patient with everyone, do not encourage injustice and corruption, give others our property, cultivate our relationship with God and reflect daily If I died today, would I be prepared to give accounts to the Creator? Because, once dead, there is no turning back. I hope that the answer is yes.


Have a great Easter!


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