Chistian Courage
Catholics have a "plus" that comes from Christ and allows us to reach heroism

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C. | Source:

Courage characterizes a follower of Jesus Christ. That courage does not arise from self-confidence, from unsubstantiated ideas or from the support of millions of baptized.

Christian courage arises from the very words of Christ, who invites us not to be afraid, to trust, and to launch ourselves to spread his message from the terraces.

The world has certainly hated and hates those who are part of the Catholic Church, those who follow the Master, who welcome their Gospel of justice, of peace, of mercy.

However, the hatred of the world and the anger of the enemies of the cross of Christ do not cause fear in those who build their lives on the Rock, under the light and strength that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, in the face of deliberate confusion, of pagan fashions, of threats and insults, even of aggressions and prisons, Catholics have a "plus" that comes from Christ and allows us to reach heroism.

Thanks to thousands of brave, convinced, generous Christians, even martyrs, faith had transmitted over the centuries. Thanks to those Christians (and I wish all the baptized could live like this) Christ's action in history becomes visible.

There will be, as there have been in the past, moments of weakness, evenfalls. Nevertheless, who let fear into his soul, like Peter when he denied the Master, can repent and find, with mercy, a reason to return to the right path.

With our eyes on Christ, from the company of the Virgin Mary and many saints, we can put aside fears and selfishness that paralyze. Then we will run full of enthusiasm, because we will have the courage of faith, the strength of hope and the fire of charity.


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