And you, are you a bad influence for others?
What happens in any place, if it is bad, has consequences

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I don’t know if it is only my impression, but I think that we are currently imbued in a strange environment, where there are many terminologies that, on the one hand, label everything and everyone, and on the other, they make every effort to excuse any behavior or attitude that was crossed out. abnormal in the past.

Because you have to see that nowadays, what is so presumed to be freedom of expression, you can not say aloud what many people think, without risking being called intolerant, an adjective used by those who claim to be in favor of respect. to the thinking of others, as long as they think like them.

It is in this scenario, when a question comes to my head. If, indeed, everything can be done in this world, without anyone being able to say otherwise, how are we going to know what is good and what is not, what is good and what is wrong? way to distinguish these behaviors, then, according to modern thinking, the person who dares to make some distinction, will automatically be labeled as retrograde and who knows how many more things.

However, it is obvious that there are behaviors that are reprehensible in the eyes of everyone, even the most liberal, for example, killing and stealing. But, eye, according to the circumstances, it may be that someone intends to justify a murder, believing that such a person deserved death ... my head can not understand who can think of such an aberration, however, there are those who act like this Sometimes they even enjoy the death of a fellow man. So, can you think that person is in their right mind? Is it possible that someone who rejoices with the suffering of others, can be considered human?

This is where I enter the theme that motivates this reflection: if everything is worth in this world, I ask everyone: are you sure you are a good influence for others? Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I had a friend who could not go to the corner without a chaperone. Of course, she was looking for me to accompany her so she could hide her mother from her boyfriend. Who was the bad influence?

It seems that the answer is simple, however, I think we were both bad influence, the one for the other, because in my case, I could have said "no" to my friend, exhorting her to trust her mother to give her expose their feelings and ask permission to see the boy. Something that only happens in television programs, because in reality, in the age of the sting, win the complicity and the desire for acceptance, so loyalty to friends is the feeling that predominates over any value. In the distance, I remember and sigh, as I thank God for ridding me of dangers that could change my life dramatically, by making decisions without meditating. I can say in my favor, that immaturity and our young age, attenuated the responsibility of our actions.

Now, can an adult be a bad influence? Of course yes. A bad friend or a bad friend can wrongly advise another to go on a spree, spending the money of the week that corresponds to the maintenance of his family, can send another person to be unfaithful to his spouse, to have free sex with anyone , pretending that nothing happens, to get rid of a pregnancy as a problem, to disobey the authorities, to commit a crime, to break the family harmony, to get away from God.

Who gives a bad advice, who scandalizes with his bad behavior, of course that can be considered a bad influence, although the whole world thinks otherwise.

It is time for us to reconsider what motivates our actions, if we believe that the evil we do will be forgotten, we are very wrong. A phrase that perfectly portrays the damage that can be caused by the bad behavior appears in the media, as if it were a grace: "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas", not for nothing is known as the sin City. Of course it is the golden dream of the evil one. I have bad news: what happens in any place, if it is bad, it has consequences and sooner or later it comes to light.

Therefore, let's think before acting. If what we are going to do will not bring any benefit, let's refrain from doing so. And please, let's not drag others to evil. Let us meditate if, with our way of living, we are bad influence for our fellow men and change the course. Let us be responsible with our lives and the lives of others.

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