Analysis of "The Secret": Incompatible with the Catholic faith
Many Catholic people have seen the video or read the book of this bestseller of self-improvement, but the proposal for this secret is atheist

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Many Catholic people have seen the video or read the book, of this bestseller of "personal improvement", but the proposal of this "secret" is atheist, because he does not believe in a personal God as He taught Jesus, a good father, because they replace it with an impersonal energy, and then they end up with point out that this energy is ourselves, and that there is no other god but us.
The basis is that if you change thought we can change everything, you exalt the power of the mind, you do what you want, that with the mind you can do absolutely everything, you do not need God. In fact, at no time is the existence of God considered in the life of the human being. In this context each is his own god. He doesn't ask God for something he wants or needs, he asks his mind.
Mix truth with lie, as the devil always does. It is right that one can modify the way one lives if it changes the way one thinks, but from there that the mind is the one that created the universe there is an abyss of distance.
They say "the mind made the universe"? , "the mind shapes all that we can perceive". They want to appear this "law of attraction" on the concepts of good and evil. That everything we have has attracted him wanting or not. That it's all about attraction. They set an "example" at their convenience and without any logic:
"With the law of gravity, if you fall from a building, no matter if you are good or bad person, go to the ground" that has to do with a physical law with something ethical or moral, as is whether someone is good or bad. It is to mix material concepts with philosophical concepts which is completely absurd.
"Being the Creator of Your Life" the secret is applied to the "ideal of life" which among all these idealistic or subjective concepts, is pure materialism, for the man who put as an example that he has applied the secret in his life lives in a mansion of 4 million dollars, and he goes on vacation. Primary end, feel happiness, equivalent to pleasure, fun. "if it's not fun, don't do it" - Jack Banfield.
Then we try to explain how the secret works by referring to the story of Aladdin and the genius of the wonderful lamp. Aladdin is the person (everyone), Genius is what creates things "tradition has always called the creator of everything some call it the universe, I superior, guardian angel, and this is who is going to give us everything we need"

Genius = universe = higher self = guardian angel = god

Then you just have to ask and no matter what it is, the genius will grant it.

And so they pretend that one orders a god x, to the universe, which is what one wants, this is no longer: "Thy will be done" as Jesus taught us but "my will be done" Or what the genius always responds: "your wish is my command".

Creative process, "powerful process", they pretend that Faith is held in the universe, in the energy of the mind, in oneself that is, after all, a god.

1. Ask, to place an order to the "universe", (whatever).
2. Believe, believe in what you do not see, that you will achieve, even if you do not know how, immovable faith "Trust in the universe" (universe).
3. Receive, feel good as if you already have what you have asked "trust in the higher self" (trust oneself as if one were god).

Then they set the example of a man who applied this in his life, and he started selling rocks, which he called "rocks of gratitude" and based on this he began to get rich, selling them to people as "amulets" where he cheated on them and told them to have faith in those rocks and q they'd help them. They stake people and they get money from the lie and deceit, they take advantage. Visualize, "if you visualize it materializes" as if the mind were the creator of matter.
Depending on forming the habit of the law of attraction, it will make the "magic" of the universe.
That is not true, because nothing happens without the Will of God, so we can sit for 20 years to think positively and desire something and if God does not believe it and does not enter into his will for us we will never succeed (if it is something that goes against the salvation of our soul).
".. you will be like gods."

Here the biggest flaw in all this theory:
What do the world believe? The energy.
"Energy is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed."
Energy- God
Then they claim that human beings are energy.
Being human- energy

Energy- God
Being Human- God

And they conclude this explanation with this phrase;
"Every human being is a god manifested in human form"
"the power within is greater than that of the world."
"we are unlimited beings" which is a great lie, because we are fragile human beings with faults and limits.

They say that "there is no mission or purpose of life (for which one is here on earth) it forms oneself, what one decides" we cannot believe this theory because it is God who shows us what he wants of us. He wants us to be holy, to keep the commandments, to love Him and our neighbor. Let's help everyone whenever we can.
He also says no one is going to judge you, now or ever. Being that we know that God at the end of our lives will give us each according to his works. That God is our Creator and He is the one who loves us, redeems us, and always helps us.
As Catholic Christians we know that "it is dogma of faith that immediately after death those who die in today's mortal sin go to hell; and to heaven, after suffering purification, those who need it, the souls of all the saints.

Biblical quotes that support this:
St. Pablo in the Letter to the Romans, 14:12 "Each will give account of God"
In the Letter to the Romans, 2:6 "God will give to each according to his works"
In the Second Letter to the Corinthians, 5:10 It says "We must all appear before the court of Christ to receive payment for what we did in present life"
Therefore the important thing in our lives is not to obtain things, accomplishments, or material goods but to always and in all the Will of God in our lives because we love it and because God's wisdom is infinitely greater than our own and always seeks our last good.
Analysis based on the video "The Secret. Corporation CEO Produce: Rhonda Byrne".

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