Amber, mother at 16
"When there is an unexpected pregnancy, life does not end. It begins".

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Right to "choose"? "You choose when you decide to have sex. Then we must be responsible for the consequences of that choice."
The story of Amber Kortekaas is nothing exceptional. Her case is like that of many girls who become pregnant at age 16, they add value to their situation and have their child. What stands out in this young American is the maturity and tranquility with which she explains to LifeSiteNews why it never crossed her mind to "choose" to kill. 

Because "choice" is the key word of death culture to dress positively for the abortion movement in america, so called pro-choice, to hide that what is chosen is the destruction of a human being.
Amber is clear, however, that the choice predates, not after her: "For me, choosing is when I choose to drive after drinking. One is responsible for having chosen to drive. Similarly, choosing is when you decide to have sex. You are responsible for what happens after that election".
And in her case it has an added merit, and it is that discovering the true face of her son's father did not exactly help to quiet the waters.
As in thousands of cases.
There's nothing exceptional about the story. Amber, in a period of teenage emotional uncontrollability, began to like a boy who kept calling her and wanting to go out with her. It made her "feel important," and after a while she gave in to her true pretensions: "I felt compelled to give her what she wanted. Stupid, isn't it?"
Amber with Jonah: having him at 16... Have you ruined your life?
Within days, during a youth camp in the summer of 2010, she began to suspect that she was pregnant. She went on with all the activities in case it was something else, but in the last week she had no doubts and began to think about what was coming at her: going home and telling her parents: "The idea of telling them everything was terrible. My mother is a very kind and religious woman who had no idea what I was doing behind her back".
But something helped convey the news: when they went to pick her up at the camp, they noticed her unease and Amber vomited in the car on the way back her mother guessed "instantly" the reason.
Instead of condemning her, they turned to her: "I felt very happy like this, because I know it would have been much harder if they hadn't."

An unbalanced.
Above all, because then they began to discover the true face of the father of the creature. The boy, until then "funny and charming", proved to be an obsessive and controlling person, and to harass Amber with continuous sms, calls if did not respond instantly, visits if she did not pick up where she was and why she did not respond.

He also discovered that he had invented stories about himself to win her admiration and achieve the goal of sleeping with her.

They started arguing about the boy's name, about whether Amber would work or not, or whether he would continue going to school and, above all, where they would live. He threatened to commit suicide if he did not get what he wanted. Above all, he wanted her to live with him, but Amber refused: "I knew he would not help me finish high school."

"He constantly lied to me about everything, we could be arguing on the phone all night, now I see it clearer, but then it was hard for me to realize how deep I felt, I thought he was my only friend. that he was abusing me and manipulating me, "says Amber, who continued to live with her parents and began the following course:" I could not count on my friends, but I understood the importance of my education".

Jonah is born.
On March 4 of this year Jonah was born: "It was a natural birth, without epidural, and it didn't take long to be in my arms. I was exhausted, but it was very emotional. It was worth it. He was real, he was alive, he was breathing, he was adorable".
Jonah's father redoubled his assault to control Amber's life, and in the same hospital he ended up in the emergency room with an anxiety attack. "Whatever happens, do not leave your son alone with that boy," said a nurse who had witnessed the incident, which revealed him as a very unbalanced person.
"I broke up with him the next day", she says. Today, custody of Jonah is held by her and he visits her son always with supervision.

Choice? Responsibility
From Jonah's birth and her breakup with her boyfriend, Amber's life improved: "I started to feel good about myself", she confesses, after months of teenage insecurity just during pregnancy.
And everything, for her son: "The idea that I could have so easily destroyed something so wonderful still terrifies me," she says of the possibility of an abortion. "Yes, I've had to give up a lot of things, but I don't think it's the end of the world. I have a son who loves me, and I love him more than anything. I'm enjoying life."
She says she's sorry she slept with that boy, but not her decision to give birth. She's clear that her "choice" was to be with her boyfriend. She once became pregnant, "there was no choice, but simply responsibility".

And she concludes:
"I am proud to have been able to take responsibility for my actions, to face the consequences and to do my best. I love my son. When there is an unexpected pregnancy, life does not end... It starts."


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