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How do women live motherhood and how is the bond with their children?

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We are all born of a woman, therefore we have a mother in a natural way, but there are situations in which, by poverty, disinformation or accident, babies are delivered to homes where they will look for the best family to replace the natural , but you have asked yourself: How do women live motherhood and how is the bond with their children?


Maternity by adoption

According to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, one of the basic rights of every child is to have a family. When the biological family can not provide them with the necessary care to live and develop in their own womb, it can be given for adoption, so that such care is then provided by an adoptive family.

There are many myths about adoption motherhood, however what is true is that when a woman decides to go to an institution to apply for an adoption, she comes fully convinced of wanting to be a mother. According to the experts, most of the people give great importance to the biological issue and leave aside the emotional constructions that are taking place over time and everyday life.

Like the biological mothers, the adoptive mothers also go through a waiting period where they do not know how their baby will be physically, what sex they will have and they have never seen it, but at the moment they are given they know that baby It is yours and it was what your heart was waiting for with such enthusiasm.

Both biological mothers and adoptive mothers aim to provide physical and emotional well-being to their children. They create strong emotional bonds and provide a sense of belonging to this first social group that is the family.

Although, the social perception of adoption has changed, from being an invisible phenomenon, which was not talked about, to being a socially visible and fully accepted phenomenon, it is still common to find adoptive mothers who keep the adoption of their children a secret. However, it is essential that when the time comes, the children are told the truth and explained where they came from and how they became part of their family. They have the right to know their origin. In this way, the vote of confidence that should prevail within all families will be strengthened.

It is important not to lose sight of the fact that adoption is about seeking the best interests of the child, providing a family. It is not about solving the desire or need of adults to be fathers or mothers, although they will also benefit, fulfilling their desire for fatherhood or motherhood.

Adoption is a precious way to reach the blessing of the children's love, with all the challenges that entails, but also with the achievements, happiness and smiles that there are every day when one becomes a father or mother. Remember that to maintain a loving bond between parents and children in the family is the solution.

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