Forming children with their feet on the earth and their hearts in heaven
5 Tips to teach our children to be light of the world

5 Tips to teach our children to be light of the world

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Forming children with their feet on the earth and their hearts in heaven
5 Tips to teach our children to be light of the world

These days when I learned of the death of a seminarian, a young man who knew where he was going and was very clear about his goal, he moved me to analyze his last words on social networks: "Even if you fail, you do not fail. Let me go with you, Lord!

It is amazing how, with the passing of days and everyday life, we lose the transcendent meaning of life and go through the world only doing what you can with what you have, without giving a hundred for one.

So here I share my 5Tips to educate our children in the transcendent and may have their feet on earth and heart in heaven.

FIRST. Do not cling to material things.
If we stick to what we have in this life, we likely spend our lives taking care of those goods.

But if we have a clear conscience that things are transient and that they are to solve problems, surely we can put our heart in the transcendent things because where your heart is your treasure.

If we manage to educate our children in this way we will be arming them for life because they will know that no matter what you have, we are worth what we are and we must always be willing to change and leave some things to have better ones.

With our young children, we can put it into practice by accustoming them to lend their toys or share their sweets.

With teenagers, we can do so by allowing them to go on missions or to attend an asylum or orphanage.

And we must give them an example by not being attached to any vice or having the car of the year and the latest generation cell phone.

Remember that the example is stronger than all the words we can say to you.

SECOND. That they put their happiness in what does not end.
If you get used to being happy for what you have then you will be unhappy for the longest time of your life because it is very likely that you can not have everything you want.

Life is like that, the things that are worth it cost work and only that way they are appreciated, for that reason it is very advisable not to give our children everything they ask us, even when we have the economic capacity to do it.

And what to say if to fulfill their whims we have to get into debt and pass family constraints.

Our children must know how to value what they have and above all that they put their happiness in what does not end like the love of the family, a good friendship or the city of the parents.

In this way, it will not matter if we have what is fashionable or not, it will matter if we have the people we love close to us and we can live with them.

Or if we can carry out the activities that fill our soul the most and that gives us great happiness.

THIRD. Let them look for the good side of things.
The current world invites us, by all means, to see only what is wrong and to be pessimistic.

It is easier to see the bad but it is better to see the good and what it brings as a consequence.

We must teach our children to take the good and positive side of things and to offer what is bad and what makes us suffer.

So we can give a transcendent meaning to pain, sacrifice, what we work and what we do not like. And this is very formative since it molds the character and gives temper to our children.

FOURTH. The charity before everything.
It is also important that our children live charity to be good people.

Charity forgives everything and justifies it, so it allows us to see the good and beautiful side of things and, above all, to empathize with others.

In this way, we can put our hearts at the service of others and this is also a real way of putting it given heaven.

If we can do things with charity and from the charity, then we are doing things to the Divine.

Charity is nothing other than Love and Love must move us so that the world changes and allows us to keep in mind what is transcendent.

FIFTH. Let them seek to be salt of the earth and light of the world.
Above all, we are called to participate. You can not be light if we are kept in our house and never share with others.

We must educate our children to bear witness to a life of values ​​and virtues, that is, if we can live with our feet on earth and our hearts in heaven, longing to one day win the crown of eternal life and to say, as the seminarian did, "I failed, but you do not fail, let me go with you, Lord!

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