The best project editor
God improves our plans, but He also improves our character.

God improves our plans, but He also improves our character.

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The best project editor 
God improves our plans, but He also improves our character. 
"Because I know well the projects that I have for you?" says the Lord, projects of prosperity and not of misfortune, of giving you a future full of hope. " 
Jeremiah 29:11 
If God makes plans, it's not a good idea for us not to do them. He planned the creation of the world, the creation of man, the creation of women, the birth of Christ, his mission on Earth, He made a plan of salvation, He made plans for his prophets, for the apostles, for the Church, and He has plans for each one of us. It took him six days to create the Earth and everything in it. He could have done everything in a second, just thundering his fingers, but He didn't, and He planned it all with wisdom and care. Can you see the perfection of nature around? Do you recognize the complexity of the human organism, science, time, space? God planned it all. He did nothing improvised and careless; everything made it beautiful and perfect in his time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).
God is a God of structure and order. God blesses those who make plans and strive, but He has the last word. However, God wants us to deliver our plans. If we present our plans to God, He will improve them, not in the time we want or in the way we expect, but "when" and "as" He wants it, after working on our character, our motivations, ties, and obsessions. In other words, He supports our plans when we are ready to do them. 
God improves our plans but also improves our character. None of our plans can be successful if we are not tuned inside. God is the best editor of our plans. As a written text, He revises them, corrects them, increases them, removes them, and at the same time takes us into a process of internal change so that we can receive what He has prepared. His plans are always better and higher than ours. What happens is that sometimes our ego gets in the right place and we believe that what we have devised is the best project. Well, then, let me tell you that God has a greater perspective than we do because He is the one who lives on high, He is the creator, and his heart is for us, not against us.
Let God edit your plans. In the time of failure and correction, He looks at overall circumstances, knows the past and the future, knows of your strengths and weaknesses, he is aware of your needs, and cannot ignore the desires of your heart because He loves you. His Word says that He has good plans for us, then why are we afraid to give him our projects? Are we wiser than him or better? 
"Seek in the Lord your delights, and He will give you what your heart desires. Entrust the Lord all your life and trust him, He will know what he does. " (Psalm 37:4-5)
He has plans for us to deliver what we are; He wants to review everything we've planned. Give him the sketch of your plans for him to upgrade them. What has God asked you to deliver? Anyway, nothing is ours, everything is from Him. There is nothing we can lose, that is more valuable than our soul. 
"Because whoever wants to save his life, he will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. It will not serve man to win the whole world if he ruins his life? Or what can the man give in exchange for his life?" Matthew 16:25-26. 
Over the years I learned that what is truly mine is what I have given to God and He has returned to me, not what I have endeavored. When you have his approval, his correction, his “editing”, nothing and no one can take away what God gives you. It is not yours what you trust blindly, but that which God gives you, once you have released it into his hand.
The Bible says that "the Spirit that the Lord has made well in us jealously yearns for us", so that, if we have intense desires for something, without his consent, He knows it. There's nothing we can hide from his gaze. But if we love him more than anything or anyone, more than our projects, He knows it too. For his greatest yearning is to fill us, and help our plans to do well. Give your projects, and He will bless you! Believe me, He's the best making plans. 
"The man proposes, but Yahweh disposes. Everyone justifies their decisions, but Yahweh weighs the spirits. Entrust your works to Yahweh, and your projects will be carried out. "
Proverbs 16:1-3.

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