10 Sentences of Young Saints that Show that Holiness is Possible at Any Age
Holiness is not a prerogative only of some: Holiness is a gift that is offered to all, no one is excluded, so it constitutes the distinctive character of every Christian

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Since I was a child my grandmother had the healthy habit of always taking me to Sunday Mass. I have to admit that at that time, I didn’t understand what was happening in the Eucharist and I was quite bored. Therefore, I was taking the habit (to entertain myself) to observe those large images of wood or plaster that were located next to the altar or in the side aisles of the church. They were all of people dressed in habit: priests, nuns and religious, with a serious and mystical face at the same time.

In this way, I made an image of what Holiness was: a very beautiful and noble ideal but reserved for a few "elects" and that definitely meant being a priest or monk at least.

However, finishing my adolescence I was more acquainted with God and I gradually discovered the richness of the church, its variety of charismas and the immense diversity of saints that existed around the planet! Testimonies that ignited in me the ideal that the change of the world goes through the holiness of each one and to witness the love of Christ.


The Pope Francis explains what Holiness means:

Holiness is not a prerogative only of some: Holiness is a gift that is offered to all, no one is excluded, so it constitutes the distinctive character of every Christian... Some think that holiness is close their eyes and put faces, not that is not holiness holiness is something greater than God gives us! It is exactly living with love and offering Christian witness in the everyday occupations where we are called to become saints. And each one in the conditions and in the state of life in which he is.

How important it is to remember and care for that gift of God, that initial fire of who meets God from an early age! And it is that it is the young hearts that carry with them all that enthusiasm and strength to fight for the ideals that the Lord has sown in our hearts.

Pier Giorgio Frassati, Chiara Luce Badano, Nennolina, María Goretti, Domingo Savio, Teresita de Lisieux, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, Laurita Vicuña, Santa Inés, and the Blessed Imelda (and so many other young saints!), each from their own state of life and age and Aware of their own fragilities, they were just young with a huge love By God, absolutely convinced that love for Jesus and others is what really changes hearts and the world.


1.You ask me if I am cheerful; And how could I not be? While faith gives me strength, I will always be cheerful- blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.


2. I have nothing else, but I still have my heart and with it I can always love- blessed Chiara Luce.


3.Tell me, can anyone receive Jesus in his heart and not die? - blessed Imelda Lambertini.


4.Insult would be to my husband that I meant to please another. I gave myself only to the one who first elected me- St. Agnes.


5.Lord: May I suffer all that you may think well, but may my mother become and be saved-blessed- Laura Vicuña.


4.Our Lady came to see us and said that very soon I would look for Francisco to take him to heaven. And he asked me if I still wanted to turn more sinners. I said yes. Blessed – Jacinto and Francisco Marto.


5.I'm going to spend my heaven doing good on earth. St. Theresa of the child Jesus.

We are not all called to suffer martyrdom, but we are all called to the pursuit of Christian virtue. But this virstud requires a fortress that, Auqnue does not come to equal the peak degree of this angelic maiden, demands, however, a long diligentísimo and uninterrupted effort, which will not end but with our life. - Pope Pius XII on St. María Goretti.


I leave a small review of each one to encourage us to know their life and example!  

Nennolina: She was a girl who went to school and wrote letters to Jesus dictating to her mother.  She left for the father's house after a serious illness at the age of seven.


Domingo: He was an altar boy at the Sunday mass he attended, he was part of Don Bosco's oratory and he learned from a young age to make sacrifices to the Virgin and to live austerity. He left for the father's house at age 14.

Pier Giorgio He was a young secular of Dominica spirituality who helped the needy and did mountaineering with his friends. He left for the Father's house at the age of 24.


Chiara "Luce": She was a young woman from the Focolare movement playing tennis, hiking and swimming. She left for the Father's house at age 18, after suffering from bone cancer and offering Jesus her disease.


Imelda Lambertini: She was a young Dominica of the 14th century, who enters the convent to be still a girl and part to the encounter with God after receiving her first Communion at the age of 13.


Santa Inés: She was a very beautiful young woman who decided to give her life and her virginity to God. In times of persecution in the 5th century, she was sentenced to death after discovering that she was a Christia.


Laurita Vicuña: she attended a Salesian school and gave her life offering to God for the conversion of her mother who lived a situation of sin. Part to the Father's house at the age of 12 after hearing her mother's repentance.

Jacinta and Francisco There were two little shepherds witnessing the apparitions of the Virgin of Fatima. They are to meet with God and the mother at 9 and 10 years of age respectively.


Teresita: was a young Carmelite nun, who from the age of 14 learned to offer prayers for sinners. The following year she entered the religious life where she wrote her story of a soul. Part to the Father's house at the age of 24.

María Goretti She was a young secular woman who suffered martyrdom by defending her purity and forgiving her murderer before she died at age 11.


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