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A beautiful song to strengthen you when your faith waver.

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All of us have ever felt dejected, tired or bored perhaps of the daily routine of our actions. 

We have stages in which our faith weakens, we walk away from those habits that had turned us into faithful followers of Jesus and we see the scene a little gray.

Perhaps everything has crumbled all together, home and work issues, the loss of a loved one, the unexpected illness, the misfortune that sometimes makes us question: Why is this happening to me? The fact of being Christians doesn’t make us perfect, on the contrary the more we try to get closer to God the harder it is for us to believe, listen to or keep the faith that we have.

 Interestingly today we share even the smallest detail in our social networks, boast of simple and perfect lives, constant achievements and forgotten worries and, perhaps all this is true somehow but we all, absolutely all, have something that worries us , we have the right to be sad, to see  hope very  distant, to question the faith and to feel insecure.

Society makes us think that these things are banned, talking openly about our feelings is outdated, crying is for babies, feeling alone is for weak and believing in God is fanatic.

After watching this video, I want to share with you 3 statements that may cost you to believe as a Catholic:

1. We doubt our faith: We do it constantly, we are human beings and it’s permitted not to feel safe all the time. Doubts strikes us especially when we are in trouble, when we ask something with devotion and yet this doesn’t come and sometimes, we ask and ask without asking God if that is the way that we must follow, because His will is not always ours.

2. We do not feel heard: We pray, and we are in a constant dialogue with God but sometimes we don’t listen to his answers, we don’t see the signs or perhaps we fail at hearing and seeing because we listen and see only what we want. We find no answers; we feel that God has forsaken us. This is totally normal and as believers we'll go through a crisis of faith sooner or later.

3. We forget how to pray: I'm not talking about forgetting our father or Hail Mary, we forget in what way we can address God. We don’t find the right words or think that perhaps we’re not made for praying, for the dialogue that arises naturally. In those moments while we go through it, we can resort to the prayer that others have already done, such as the Saints. Take advantage of other resources!

This post’s intention is to make you understand that is totally normal to go through one of these situations, that we all once felt lost, alone or overwhelmed carrying the cross, and that even the Saints felt that they would lose the battle. Cheer up!





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