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Advent 2018

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The Church keeps us properly focused with its own special liturgical year and calendar.  It lays before us the history of the unchanging mysteries of our salvation.  It takes us from the creation in Genesis to the wedding banquet of the Lamb in Paradise.  Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is central to this story of God’s unfailing love.  Each week becomes a school to learn to surrender to God in love and service to others.

Advent is a joyous season tinged with penance.  Joy comes from the thought of receiving Jesus, the light of the world.  Penance is a preparation to receive this great gift.  While Advent’s focus is primarily on Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, it affords us the opportunity to consider other ways Jesus comes to us.  As our Redeemer he comes to us with his saving grace and the unmerited gift of faith.  As the Word who is God he comes to us in the Word of God, the Scriptures.  He uniquely comes to us in the staggering reality of the Eucharist.  Finally, Advent reminds us that Jesus is our Lord, the Alpha and Omega, who will come to judge the living and the dead in the Second Coming.  


Attach you can find the advent calendar, each day of advent has a beautiful reflection.


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