Education or deformation
Parents, know what your children receive in schools

Author: Bishop Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel, | Source: Catholic.Net

I asked one of my granddaughters to give me her biology book, corresponding to 1st. of Secondary. We must recognize that, in general, the official books are well done, with many and timely contents and a very good pedagogy.


However, in relation to sex and gender, in that book it says: "Being a man or woman, from the biological point of view, refers strictly to the physical characteristics that distinguish them, determined by the sex chromosomes: these characteristics designate the sex of the individual. The concept of gender, on the other hand, refers to the group to which the human beings of each sex belong, understood from the sociocultural point of view, and not exclusively biological. Thus, the concept of gender includes the psychological, social and cultural attributes of each sex "(page 185). "Gender refers to the identification of individuals with the social and cultural norms that have assigned both masculinity and femininity" (page 186).


On masturbation, he states: "In adolescence it is natural to feel the need to satisfy oneself through caresses and stimuli, especially in the area of the genitals: this is what is known as masturbation" (page 187). And it proposes a discussion in groups about "myths and false ideas associated with sexuality", based on "the discussion between two characters: one of them is influenced by false beliefs about masturbation, and the other that has been reported with sexologists, it convinces him by means of solid arguments "(page 190).


Regarding sexual relations, he says: "Do you think that any sexual practice that has the full consent of those involved, that does not produce harm and is pleasant, is healthy and pleasant? Why? (page 188). "Exercise your sexuality in a responsible, respectful and tolerant - that is, mature - implies information and act with freedom, because you will not have fears or guilt. If you achieve this you will live a safe and full sexuality "(page 191). And among contraceptive methods, in addition to all the usual methods, it also lists natural ones, such as the Billings and the calendar, but gives them only between 70 and 80% effectiveness (page 200). At least he mentions them, something that was not done before.




Pope Francis says in Amoris laetitia:

"Sex education provides information, but without forgetting that children and young people have not reached full maturity. The information must arrive at the appropriate time and in a manner appropriate to the stage they are living. It does not serve to saturate them with data without the development of a critical sense before an invasion of proposals, before the uncontrolled pornography and the overload of stimuli that can cripple the sexuality. Young people should be able to notice that they are bombarded by messages that do not seek their good and their maturation. It is necessary to help them recognize and look for positive influences, while at the same time they distance themselves from everything that disfigures their capacity to love. Likewise, we must accept that the need for a new and more appropriate language occurs especially at the time of presenting children and adolescents with the topic of sexuality "(281).


"Sex education often focuses on the invitation to" take care of oneself ", seeking" safe sex ". It is irresponsible any invitation to adolescents to play with their bodies and desires, as if they had the maturity, values, mutual commitment and goals of marriage. In this way they are cheerfully encouraged to use another person as an object of compensatory searches for shortcomings or great limits "(283).


Is it correct what officers teach textbooks? As for sex and gender, they are different, in fact, but they can not be separated, as if someone could choose their gender without taking into account their sex. The cultural modalities affect and even condition the way of living masculinity and femininity, but they can not ignore or despise it. Just as the subject is presented in the official book, it is intended to avoid discrimination against those who have different tendencies, which is healthy, but it is not possible to justify taking on a gender without having its own gender.


What he says about masturbation is not morally acceptable, because it reflects a personality problem. It is a regression to the fetal stage, in which the individual is turned on himself. It is a compensation to many frustrations. It is a selfish self-consolation. It is producing self-satisfaction, because life does not please you. It is a sign that you are not receiving the affection, appreciation and recognition you need to enjoy life. However, it is a temporary and transitory self-deception, which causes new frustrations and disappointments of oneself.


The liberality to which it gives rise when dealing with sexual relations is not morally adequate, since it is an invitation to practice their genitality in all kinds of relationships, without control of emotions and feelings. Then they complain about why there are so many teenage pregnancies. These textbooks also have responsibility.




Parents, know what your children receive in schools; talk with them about it; discuss and clarify what is necessary; try to have good information and training on these issues.


Talk to your teachers, so that what the books say can be complemented with other reliable moral opinions, with the collaboration of you, who are the first and irreplaceable responsible for the education of your children.

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