A Family without God, is a guaranteed failure
Just as we can’t leave a man without food, it is unthinkable to leave a family without God

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In more than single occasion we listen to the tirades a listless, unmotivated and tired marriage. In more than a single occasion, we ask ourselves, am I not a loving and faithful companion?  And yet, why am I not happy?

Evidently, now is harder to find someone that can be, completely without stains in its conscience, faithful and loving towards their family. Nevertheless, those who have already started an arduous path of sanctification, or those who even with effort, sweat and tears have reached a relative peace in their homes, believe they have reached a peak point in their family or social perfecting.

Then why, we have few success in the organization and governance of our family? Why do we fail in our kids’ education?

It is easy to find devastated families, but it is even easier to find apparently “normal” and “happy” families that find themselves, in spite of the facade, consumed by mice of disorder, frustration, tepidity or defiance.  

The Holy Scripture says that when the future apostles made an effort all night in their fishing chores, they did not achieve anything, but when they tried during the day with Jesus and followed his instructions, the fishing was successful.

It often happens, in every type of family, that the largest failure is found in: a lack of God in their lives. We all forget Jesus easily and we stick to acting by ourselves. This way, our dreams are frustrated. This is why the Lord tells us he wants kids in faith, demanding, helpless, kids that need him and call him before any need and joy.

For the spirit it is night time, like that unfruitful night for the apostles, when darkness of earthly concerns cover their horizon, without being able to let the religious lights reach it.

This way, when everyone develops their corresponding tasks as husband, wife, son, is guided by a series of mobile earthy motives. Contenting the husband, spoiling the kid, doing homework or flattering the wife, becomes a mere earthy impulse. But that way I become good ! Well, yes, but that is not enough.  

Contenting your own, enjoying your kids, forging a future, improving fortune and social status, feeling loved and surrounded by wellness and, what else? When we open our doors to a supernatural grace that is daily calling from the other side?  

It is night time and Jesus is not here. It is probable that soon or later, we fail. Which is why certain people that generate us jealousy because of their opulence’s, economic position, social status, adventures, loves, are usually lives that end up in desperation.  Its desperation because of the lack of God, desperation of having had it and not being satisfied or happy. Maybe is one of the greatest failures of a human being.

Do we want success? Lets seek for God. God is perfection and absolute good. Where he is, is day time. His light lightens everything and next to his light we find his law. Both things are inseparable, the light of Christ and the law of Christ.  

The light reaches us through our Christian sense of life, that we must acquire through a whole existence forged in the love towards God, in needs, joys, loneliness, search, in hope: always God.

If we develop our habits towards the light of God, if we observe his law, if we saturate our lives with both elements, we might have material failures and we do not reach earthy prosperity, nor we improve earthy prosperity or fortune or position but we have a life of spiritual success, this will show in all aspects of our life that will permeate to all aspects of our life; personal, family and social. We will enjoy peace in our souls, tranquility in our homes and the satisfaction of seeing our loved ones happy and content in their lifetime on earth.

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