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The Christian vocation, by its nature, is a vocation to the apostolate.

Author: Fabián Ortiz | Source: Somos RC

After a trip I had the opportunity to do, I began to meditate on the apostolic life of a committed Catholic or perhaps better, a Catholic with a desire to improve society a little. For many this last phrase may sound very cliché, but if there is one thing I can be sure of, it is very real this impetus to change the world. Many times we take it for granted that everything is lost, without even moving a single finger, but we can not settle for this.


First of all, I would like to define some terms to which I will refer in this article. The first is: "volunteers". According to the Spanish dictionary it means: "A group of people who join a group to work for charitable or altruistic purposes". The second term is "apostle." The word apostle, is derived from the Greek and means "sent."


The term "apostle" is used very often in the Old Testament, and is done in this sense, meaning that the person is sent by the law to represent it. In number 863 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: "Every Church is apostolic as long as it remains, through the successors of St. Peter and the apostles. Every Church is apostolic insofar as it is "sent" to the whole world; and all the members of the Church, although in different ways, have a part in this sending. "


This means that as a Catholic, by my faith, I can believe and be sure that I am the "envoy" and I have to discover where I can be of help or service. The Christian vocation, by its nature, is a vocation to the apostolate. It is called apostolate to "all activity of the Mystical Body that tends to spread the Kingdom of Christ throughout the earth."


What am I doing?


This is a very interesting question that deserves a personal response from each one of us. If we do not know what to answer ourselves, we can go to the words of Pope St. John Paul II, because he pointed out some very important guidelines to carry this out. In the Apostolic Letter of the New Millennium, Saint John Paul II expresses that there is a magic formula for the great challenges of our times. That formula, rather it is a person, is Christ and the certainty that He gives us. It is not about inventing a program, the program is already! and it has been the same as always. Appointed in the Gospel, it focuses on Christ himself. To whom we must know, love and imitate to live with Him and transform ourselves.


"Behold, I am with you every day until the end of the world"

Mt 28, 20


Three important things: apostolic zeal, guided by Christ himself and pastoral preparation.


It is necessary that in the program there are appropriate guidelines for the conditions of each community or objective. That is why one should discern "what do I do?" See what I like and what I'm good at. We must have that apostolic zeal: identify with Christ and his ardent love towards humanity. You have to feel infected by that passionate desire to fight and extend the Kingdom of Christ.


This plan of life is an aid to grow in the likeness of Christ in my own life. Without a plan we can not follow a course. This is a plan that must be personal, that is, made for each person and is unique. It can not be transferable. I should start doing it as soon as possible. God is not going to come down and tell me "This is what you have to do". It must be done in moments of silence and intimate prayer with Him and with much reflection, where I am guided by the Holy Spirit and let myself be filled by his enlightenment. That is, I try to do it during some spiritual retreat or spiritual exercises, which is when God gives us more answers. And finally, it must be approved by my counselor or spiritual director or a priest friend.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

Phi 4.13


We do not remain watching from outside or far away, we swim offshore in our spiritual and moral life. Let us form programs of life that edify us and make us better and thus reach holiness. And we can enjoy that eternal happiness that we crave and long for.

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