TED talks about God that challenge creativity on social networks

Author: Samantha Povlock | Source: RomeReports

The TED talks have been successful because they propose original ideas and models that motivate in just a few minutes.

In Chile, this university has proposed using the same tactic to speak about God and faith since 2014. They're short talks aiming to change consciousness and have a positive impact on society.


General Coordinator, REC 2018

“REC, Reason in Christ, was created in 2014 at the Catholic University of Chile and seeks to evangelize via social networks. What we do is record testimonies that share Christ, that share Christian values, and we upload them to these networks.”


Testimonies are no longer than 20 minutes and give Christian perspectives from the lives of entrepreneurs, mothers, young people, priests and even filmmakers. In the last few years, 135 people have participated.



General Coordinator, REC 2018

“One of these testimonies is that of Juan Manuel Cotelo, which is also one of the most-viewed talks outside of Chile. Cotelo is a Spanish filmmaker who makes movies about stories related to Christ. In his talk, he explains the motivation for these movies.”



General Coordinator, REC 2018

“The importance of REC is that in a world so connected, in a world so transient, and perhaps one as automated as that of today, we are urging people to stop and think through these videos on social networks.”


In celebration of their fifth anniversary, they're preparing two new editions for the coming months.


To view them, one doesn't have to go to Chile. The videos can be found on the project's website and on YouTube. Interestingly, each one ends with a quote from a saint or another person who was close to God

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