With affection
Affection is the basis and accompaniment.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, LC | Source: Catholic.Net

A necklace, rose or book. Gifts. However, the most important is the affection on it.

A clean bathroom, an organized closet or some perfectly ironed clothes, but always affection on it.

Gestures, actions objects aren’t the most important, but affection are the most important.

Maybe we will be mistaken, that wasn’t the book my friend wanted, that picture I gave doesn’t look good on that wall, but if there was affection it worth it.

To be honest, affection always encourages to look very carefully for the best gift to our loved ones. When we make a mistake, we tend to compensate with some caress or words of tenderness.

Furthermore, affection enlighten our friendship with God, because our Father has an infinitive love and wishes hearts that love fully.

Divine affection explains the beauty of a carnation, the coolness of a spring, the fascination of a snowflake, the majesty of a forest.

That affection is in the origin of the baby’s smile, in the brimming over the joy of a child, in the young boy’s glance in love, in the calmness of an adult or an old man.   

In the path of life, receive and give some affection let us find the sense of everything we do, and embellishes the world with a touch of gentle proximity.

Nowadays I can open the eyes of my soul to see what are the affective manifestations that offers God and many kind hearts, and to see how I can react with affection to so much free love that comes to the door of my life…



http://(Translation from Spanish by Gustavo Mendez Alejandro)



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