Discovering the Gifts
Givenness, every person is a gift.

Author: Ranchel Peach | Source: Regnum Christi Live

John Paul II had a meditation on “givenness” that is based on the overarching premise that “Every person, in some way, is a gift to us.” When I first read through it a few years back, I was struck by this idea, realizing that if I live this way, it would impact/change my life.

That means everyone- the person at the cash register in front of me, the driver I am behind in traffic, the person crossing the street together with me, the work colleague in the office beside me, and the members of my family around me are all intentional and personal gifts from God to ME.

Sometimes it’s obvious. Other times, the gift appears to be hidden or disguised.

How could our lives change if we took time to ponder the gifts of the people around us.

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