The Spirit of Mercy, the Spirit of Love.

Author: Fr Andrew Gronotte LC | Source: LCBLOG

Happy feast of Pentecost! Next coming Sunday   we will celebrate the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Mercy, the Spirit of Peace, the Spirit of Love, and the Spirit of all that is Good. It is by means of the Holy Spirit that we are able to recognize Christ and profess our Faith.

As we see in the message of the disciples, that the disciples preach and others hear in their own language; the work of the Spirit goes from transforming us inside to share with others what we believe by testifying our faith by how we act. This is also shown in the gospel. Christ gives the disciples peace twice and then he breathes on them to receive the Spirit so that they go out and testify to Him. And it is by the Spirit that others are able to recognize Christ. It is his work that the exterior actions we fulfill become for others a reason for their faith.

It is He who works in others that can recognize Him. He is the one that helps us all recognize Christ as St Paul says, “no one can say Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Spirit.” We know that the Holy Spirit is among us because He shows us the way to Christ. May this be our prayer today, that we receive the Holy Spirit to be transformed internally to be able to transmit Christ, so others can recognize Christ in our lives.

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