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New Music Video From Array of Hope!

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Array of Hope has released its newest music video: A cover of Beautiful Name by Hillsong United. Array of Hope is a Catholic organization that addresses the decline of God in our culture through faith-filled, family-friendly films, music videos, and live concerts.

Their main event is the Array of Hope Concert. This is a wide-ranging live concert experience that features multiple musical acts, motivational speakers and thought-provoking film presentations. This live event entertains and engages the audience touching and transforming hearts through powerful witnessing to God’s love for us.

The Array of Hope Concert is the perfect family event and celebrates the gift of the family. The show’s key themes are the sanctity of life, the importance of God in the family and the loving support prayer can bring to the spiritual and emotional development of all of us.

The Array of Hope Team also provides youth events for Catholic confirmation programs as well as teenage faith-building retreats.This program complements the efforts of the parish and Diocese Confirmation programs to help instill the message and beauty of the Catholic Faith. At these events, Array of Hope presenters interact as well as entertain the audience, revealing the deep truths of our faith, conveyed through personal witness, music, stories, and multimedia presentations.


If you are interested in bringing Array of Hope to your Parish, school or community, please:

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