Chivalry lives!
Details and Respect between men towards their wives.

Author: Fr. Michael Sliney, LC | Source: Regnum Christi Live

I am always edified by the deferential treatment of so many good men towards their wives here in NY and during my time in DC, in so many details.

  1. Holding the door or elevator, insisting that they go first, taking off and putting on their coats…
  2. Offering the seat with the best view in the restaurant, and holding their chair back before they sit down, standing up when their wife excuses herself from the table.
  3. Patiently and lovinglylistening to their wife’s perspective in a conversation without cutting them off.
  4. Offering to cook dinner, and standing up during the meal to pick up the plates and bring out the dessert.
  5. Making a real effort to arrive home on time so as to have dinner as a family.
  6. Publicly expressing gratitude to their wife for a great meal and a clean house, and for all the time and attention that she spends helping the kids.
  7. Privately praising their wife with their co-workers (and priests).
  8. For those who have stay at home moms, perhaps to say “There isn’t anything more valuable and more important that you do, than to raise our kids”
  9. Always having his wife’s back with both kids and friend alike.

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