My Relationship with God as a Teenager
There is a God who is always knocking on our door.

Author: Maria Eugenia Curmina | Source: Catholic.Net

Have you ever felt alone? I’m really sure that if you are now or have been a teenager it is probable that you have felt alone.

As teenagers we get more sensible, and the “big experiences of life” are just starting to hit us. Maybe even without being a teenager you have felt alone. There are always experiences in life that make us think that no one loves us, no one cares about us, no one wants to be with us, that we are alone!

I’m not saying that we always feel that way, but I am certain that there has been one moment in your life that made you feel that way. Let me tell you something, no! You’re not alone, and I’m talking from experience.

The main purpose of my essay is to try to transmit, through some experiences, the unconditional love of Jesus.

I am currently studying in a boarding school in Rhode Island called Overbrook Academy. I am from Mexico so being in a different country, without my parents a living with 60 girls isn’t an easy task. Here in Overbrook something that we all commonly share at the beginning, is the feeling of being lonely.

This might sound strong, but I feel that is the truth. We are alone because we decide to be alone. There is a God who is always knocking on our door, so we can let him into our hearts.

It is our decision to reject him or let him in, so we can enjoy his company. By saying this I am not trying to offend anyone in the way of saying that you are alone because you want to be, and you’ve decided to be lonely. Completely the opposite!

I have felt that way many times and it is not because I wanted to; it is because I didn’t have the knowledge that God was with me. I must learn that from experience. I have felt sad and lonely so many times, that I said there wasn’t a place where I could be truly love but in the chapel. There have been times in which the only one that I knew who would listen to me was God. Even though he didn’t answer to me with words; I had enough faith to know that he would help me.

Talking about faith. It wasn’t because of my huge faith I knew that he would help me. Even though it might sound rude, I want to talk truthfully. I had that huge faith because he was my only option. I didn’t have anyone to trust in, so the only person that was left to count on was God. I’m saying this not as an example of my unfaithfulness, but as an example of how from being my last option to go with now God is my first one!

Another factor that made me closer to him is there every day masses. In each mass I pray for my different personal intentions, and do I receive an immediate answer? No! Even sometimes the answer isn’t the one that I wanted. It is a completely different one! So, I ask God, why? Why when I needed you the most, when I need of your help, you turn your back against me? Guess what! God doesn’t turn his back against us; he answers us in a different way in a way that it might not be the one that we expected, but in one that is a hundred times better. Maybe we can’t realize that at the beginning, but it is the truth.

Let me share a current experience with you. Mothers and daughters weekend is an annual activity here at Overbrook. My mom was able to come the whole weekend, but a new work show to her, so she wasn´t able to come anymore. I asked God, why? Why this work shows up the week of the activity and not a week later? To my surprise God answered me in the strangest way. This past homily talked of how God´s plans might be different from ours, and that we should have enough faith to know that his plans are the best. God will never ask of us something that we can´t do, and He will never give us something against our good.

Completely the opposite! There is a phrase in which I feel that I can summarize this topic and is: “God goes the worst battles to his best soldiers.”

In conclusion, my relationship with God I can describe it as unpredictable. I passed from being a catholic teenager. To a giver of my whole heart and being you God. Maybe the path to get there wasn´t the easiest one, but it was effective. I had to pass through a lot of unwanted feelings and problems, as a normal teenager, but those problems led me close to him and made my relationship with God unparalleled.

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