Live the Holy Week with Faith
This Holy Week open your Heart to Him.

Author: Regina Badillo | Source: Catholic.Net

We don’t just start Lent by putting ashes on our heads. We also start Lent with our faith and preparation for Holy Week. What is Lent? Lent is not just 40 days, Lent is 40 days in which Jesus spent praying for our conversion, for our faith, and for us. Jesus was not just praying, He was also preparing to die for us in front of millions of people; and in front of blessed Mary, His mother. He was preparing to die for us. In Lent He is walking in a desert alone with no food and no water just thinking about you.

Think every time that you go to a church or to a chapel, what do you see? When you see the Crucifix you see it like a normal picture, but have you ever seen it like Jesus sees you? With LOVE. This  Holy Week  I invite you to look at Him with love and see all that he was suffering for You. This Holy Week open your heart to Him. I invite you to go to the closest church or chapel you have nearby and talk to Him, console Him like he always consoles you. Really Jesus is always there for you wherever you go so this Holy Week  accompany Him through His sufferings.


This Holy Week  I propose that you live it with faith, not just with sacrifices, and remember that last  40 days Jesus was preparing for us and He was getting ready to give Himself to death.


This Holy Week make  it a new one and go follow Him, accompany Him, and remember: Don’t forget about Him; He will never forget about you.

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