Embrace your cross
If you love Christ, you will not avoid the cross.

Author: Father Michael Sliney, LC | Source: Regnum Christi Live

“Let every one consider what his weak point is; in that is his trial. His trial is not in those things which are easy to him, but in that one thing, in those several things, whatever they are, in which to do his duty is against his nature. Never think yourself safe because you do your duty in ninety-nine points; it is the hundredth which is to be the ground of your self-denial.” — Blessed John Henry Newman

We can fall into the trap of trying to find fulfillment in “over committing” ourselves by helping out with fundraisers/school functions/community service projects, etc…But, what about the mounting stack of bills at home, what about the pile of laundry, the unanswered emails, the meals that need to be prepared, the particular family members who need your love and attention? It’s also about a balanced lifestyle which needs to include daily prayer and regular physical exercise. If you love Christ, you will not avoid the cross.

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