Trust is Greater than Certainty
Trust thrusts us into God’s arms.

Author: Br Dain Scherber LC | Source: Regnum Christi Live

Trust is greater than certainty. Let me explain. Trust is certain, yes, and I would say the greatest certainty, because it is based on God and not us. What I mean is intellectual certainty. 

Certainty about what will happen in the future doesn’t exist. Not even the Blessed Mother had it. We can do our best to control all the factors, but there is still so much we can’t control: health, accidents, the free will of others, our own weakness

This uncertainty makes us feel so insecure. If only we could take it away! But would that make us happy? I would argue no. 

Trust is greater than certainty. Certainty is based in ourselves and closes us in our own self-sufficient universe. Imagine how empty and lonely that universe would be. Trust thrusts us into God’s arms. Not only is it “more certain than certainty”, but it also opens us up to the Father for whom we were made rather than close us in on ourselves. 

So even if I was offered the choice of knowing my future or not,I think I would choose to not know. I already have the certainty that my Father loves me and permits everything for my good. What more do I want? I don’t want to isolate myself in on my own self-sufficiency which doesn’t even exist. Trust is certain and open and childlike, just as I was made to be. 

I would dare to put all my eggs in the basket of trust rather than certainty, even if that certainty existed. I think life is so much happier and truer that way

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