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Lord, help me to tune out all that isn’t you.  I don’t want to be a radio whose dial keeps spinning so there’s no way to hear any one thing coherently.  I want to break my dial, snap it off at your channel so it’s only you and me.  Because during this moment you’re calling me to solitude and intimacy—with you!  Give me the grace to push aside all distractions, to shut out all the clamor that invades my mind.  I want to build a great wall, a shining barrier around the two of us so that you can pour into my heart the deepest secrets of your Heart without any danger that anything will be lost.

Yet I’m so weak, so easily distracted by any and everything.  You’ll have to give me the strength, you’ll have to take my weakness into your own Heart—hide me there and that will be our shining barrier.  No one and nothing will be able to get to me there without going first through you.  Because this is to be a moment of intimacy, of a sharing so deep that words fall short and only the other is enough to express and understand what I feel.  Fill my heart!  You’ve already taken by storm the general direction of my life and my deepest desires.  Now I beg you to take over all of them so that you become not just my Most but my Everything.  Amen.

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