Christ is praying for me….today!
Christ is doing just that for each one of us.

Author: Fr. Charles Sikorsky, LC | Source: Catholic.Net

It is often comforting to know that someone is praying for us.  How much more comforting to know that Our Lord stands before God interceding for us?  

“Christ stands before God and is praying for me. His prayer on the Cross is contemporary with all human beings, contemporary with me. He prays for me, he suffered and suffers for me, he identified himself with me, taking our body and the human soul. And he asks us to enter this identity of his, making ourselves one body, one spirit with him because from the summit of the Cross he brought not new laws, tablets of stone, but himself, his Body and his Blood, as the New Covenant…. He invites us to enter into this identification, to be united with him in our wish to be one body, one spirit with him. Let us pray the Lord that this identification may transform and renew us, because forgiveness is renewal and transformation.” 

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