Does God intervene in Love Stories?
The love of God is so great, he is trying to fill our heart.

Author: Luisa Restrepo | Source: Catholic link

God’s ways are always surprising. You don’t need to be overly pious to realize how reality is like a fine piece of cloth, knitted together by God. I am not one to see signs of God in absolutely everything that happens. I say this because just recently I have had the opportunity to witness one of these special “coincidences.” And it was huge.

The best thing is that there is no secret recipe that we have to follow. God’s love is so great that He is already trying to fill our heart with His love and happiness way before we even think to ask for it. There’s no need to throw a coin into a fountain or complete some special list of chores so that everything comes together perfectly (evidently we have to collaborate, but we will speak about that in a moment). God acts when we least expect it. And He will do what is best for you.

We must simply ask with all of our heart and He will come. Yes! He comes! He shows himself. He speaks clearly. He wants to find us on our journey. He wants to guide us along a wondrous path. The problem is when we start trying to force things. When we believe that the best way to reach our desires is to grasp them by ourselves, with our own efforts. That’s when frustration comes knocking on our door.

God’s graces will come when and how we least expect it, free of charge.

It’s free; free thanks to a small collaboration on our part. As Martin Descalzo put it: “The best thing about God isn’t the fact that He is all-powerful, rather that He isn’t so powerful that He doesn’t “need” human beings. God is clever enough to know better than anyone that omnipotence generates admiration, respect, veneration, marvel, submission… But it is only weakness, only nearness that creates love. For this, since the day of Creation, He who doesn’t need anyone, desired to count on man’s collaboration for almost everything. And he began by placing in our hands the responsibility of completing his work of Creation and all else that would take place on Earth.”

As such, with His omnipotence together with both our weakness and our faith, there is more than enough to fix our world.

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