What's your own idea of beauty?
An extraordinary experiment worth reading!

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Often I have encountered this issue: the eternal discussion about the standards of beauty. What is beautiful for others for others may not so much because we are all different both physically and spiritually, and if we dedicate ourselves to the task of asking people what is beauty? Almost certainly we would have a fairly long list of "stereotypes" which may mean this word.

Now, let us place ourselves punctually in women, why we took so long getting by for an event? Men bathe, dress, comb their hair and go. There are some who take longer in the mirror, but none spends two or three hours in the company of his friends deciding what to wear... what shoes will match the color of your eyes or pants which makes it look more attractive. Advertising makes us think that beautiful feeling should be an obligation that we have no choice, if we do not follow the patterns of beauty today (in which all must have hair, skin and perfect body) are wrong.

Here is the crux of the matter, it´s always talked of physical beauty, what about inner beauty? What about those "flaws" that make you unique and unrepeatable?



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