St. Timothy of Antinoe
May 3, Saint


Born in Perapa (Egyptian, Theibad). Layman son of a priest named Pikolpossos. Lector and copyist, he was responsible for the security of the liturgical texts used in services. Married to Saint Maura of Antinoe. About twenty days into the marriage, and in the middle of the persecution of Diocletian, Timothy was arrested. Dragged before Arrianos, governor of Thebias, he was ordered to surrender any Scripture writings he had hidden; he refused. Horribly tortured, including being burned, hung upside down, and having his eyelids cut off; he still refused. Martyred with Maura. Died nailed to a wall in mock crucifixion in Thebais , Egypt; it took him nine days to die of shock, blood loss, and dehydration. 

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