St. Philip the Apostle
May 3, Saint


Born at Bethsaida, Palestine. Disciple of Saint John the Baptist. Convert. One of the Twelve Apostle. Brought Saint Nathanael to Christ. Confidant of Jesus. Little is known about him, but scriptural episodes give the impression of a shy, naive, but practical individual. Preached in Greece and Asia Minor. Martyr. He died stoned to death while to a cross in the c.80 at Hierapolis, Phrygia (near modern Pamukkale, Turkey).

* hat makers
* hatters
* milliners
* pastry chefs


    * elderly bearded man holding a basket of loaves and a cross which is often t-shaped
    * elderly man casting a devil from the idol of Mars
    * elderly man crucified on a tall cross
    * elderly man holding loaves and fishes
    * elderly man with a dragon nearby
    * elderly man with a loaf and book
    * elderly man with a snake nearby
    * loaves of bread
    * man baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch
    * man holding a book or scroll reading descendit ad inferna
    tall cross
    * with Saint Andrew the Apostle


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