St. Aldebrandus of Fossombrone
May 1st, Saint


Born 1119 in Sorrivoli, Italy and died on  April 30,  1219 in Fossombrone, Italy of natural causes, interred on 1 May 1219 in the Fossombrone cathedral. 

He studied at Santa Maria de Porto near Ravenna, Italy. Priest. Prior of the monastery of Rimini, Italy. Known for his bold preaching against sinful lives, which put him afoul of some local authorities; he once had to flee from death threats. Bishop of Fossombrone, Italy in 1170. Built the cathedral there. Once when in bed with an illness, he was brought a cooked partridge; it happened to be a day of fasting, so Aldebrandus prayed over the cooked bird which returned to life and flew away.

He is represented as: 
* bishop in his episcopal robes holding the cathedral he built
* old, ill bishop in bed raising to life a cooked partridge
* young priest who is preaching to a crowd, which is sometimes portrayed as angry

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