Maternity and Paternity: Adventure and Risk
At the news of a pregnancy, feelings of joy and moments of doubts or fear appears on our mind

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Being a mother is beautiful although there are difficulties. At the news of a pregnancy, join feelings of joy and moments of doubts or fear. Start weeks and months full of hope, of questions and, sometimes, of misery and distress.

Being a mother is also an adventure shared: if there is a mom it is obvious that there is a dad. The motherhood cannot be seen as exclusively a matter of women, as something that she should "manage" autonomously. You need the support of a husband who also initiates a wonderful experience: fatherhood

Begin to be mother and father be an adventure involves that opens to uncertain futures. While in the courtship the couple can be known and accepted with greater or lesser conscience, in a decision of such strength that leads to this commitment of love that is called marriage occurs something different when a child is born, with all the mysteries that surround you.

The questions arise continuously. How comes from, how will be born? Do correspond to the hopes and dreams that you have on him? Do you have the black eyes or blue?  Will be healthy or sick? Do you cry at night or will be a baby model?

Before both risk and adventure, there are those who are tempted to the disclaimer: better not to have children (or the least possible) so as not to be constantly on edge; better security be only spouses that the journey into the unknown of each new pregnancy.

There is the possibility to think so, and there are those who think of fact. Well But how is that the same live is not a continuous risk? Do or will be that, on the basis of fear, the spouses lose occasions unrepeatable to love and to give?

People begin to be best when open and welcome with generosity and love the mystery of every new life. The children born today from parents generous and 'risky' be tomorrow who will continue in the world the adventure of human existence.

Other, our parents, a day were opened to us. Now tap to every new generation share this wonderful experience as a sign of gratitude toward the parents themselves, and hope that is offered to each new child start to walk in this world and toward which starts to each one after death.

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