Given for Your Whole Life, do Removes the Freedom?
One of the most beautiful of the signals of love consists in giving himself for life

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One of the most beautiful  signals of love consists in giving yourself for life. Which, in a world like ours, seems difficult. Some even come to think that this is something impossible or unnatural.
In reality, the human fullness is only achieved in the full delivery of the own love. It is possible when one leaves aside his selfishness and puts at the center of the other, another. Then there is the miracle of love full.
These are ideas that expressed the Pope Benedict XVI in a speech the year 2012. On the one hand, the Pope raised the doubts and difficulties for a total love with these words:
"We have in the first place the question of the ability of man to commit, or its lack of commitments. Man can commit themselves for life? Does this go with nature? Do we not contrasts with its freedom and the dimensions of its self-realization?" (Benedict XVI, 21-12-2012).

Immediately after the Pope made other questions:

"Man, do becomes itself remaining autonomous and coming into contact with the other only through relationships which can be interrupted at any time? A link to the entire life is in conflict with the freedom? The commitment, do also deserves that is suffered by him?"
Unfortunately, observed Benedict XVI, there are those who reject the commitment because of misunderstanding the freedom, and because it seeks to avoid the suffering. This "means that man remains closed in on himself and ultimately retains the own "I" for himself, does not exceed it really".
In the face of this fear of delivery, it is necessary to discover the way of the fullness: love fully and love him with joy and love him with all. So explained the Pope:
"But the man only manages to be himself in the gift of himself, and only opening up to another, to the other, to the children and the family; only leaving translate into suffering, discover the extent of being a human person".
Live implies occur, in every moment. The alternatives are few: or one lives with a continued fear to another, as if I cleaning the freedom with which ends up chained to their own whims or their rationalisms self-referencing; or one is given to the other with a genuine love and total, and then he discovered how to "resign" to its freedom, begins to be truly free...

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